Hors D'Ouvres:

  • Fava Bean Hummus with Romaine Spears
  • Bruschetta with Soy Cheese, Fried Sage, and Dried Tomato
  • Fried Tofu with Ginger Dipping Sauce


  • Zucchini Parmesan with Garlic Bread
  • Ratatouille with Quinoa
  • Vegetable Biriyani with Cucumber Raita
  • Tamale Casserole with Black Beans
  • Tempe Vegetable Stir-Fry in Chili-Basil Sauce with Pancit Noodles
Standard Packages are 5 or 7 entrees, with 1-4 portions of each, some with side dishes. Listed are different menus based upon the Standard Package. Soups are available in 1-quart implements.


  • Yellow Split Pea
  • Lentil Spinach
  • Escarole White Bean
  • Tortilla-Vegetable
  • Tomato-Vegetable
  • Carrot-Ginger
  • French Onion
  • Black Bean
  • Mushroom-Barley
  • Minestrone