Do you purchase organic vegetables & meats?
Yes, Whenever possible. Otherwise I will buy the highest quality available.
Do you prepare sushi?
Are there food products you won't serve?
Any threatened species of fish. i.e. Swordfish, Chilean Sea Bass, Bluefin Tuna, or Orange Roughy
Do you utilize client-purchased food?
This situation has not occurred, but rates include the shopping so it is best that the client allow me to do the shopping.
Do you have packages for more meals than the maximum 7 entrees, 4 portions each?
No. I cannot cook more than this in a given day.
Can I purchase your services as a gift for a friend or loved one?
Do you offer cooking classes or demonstrations?
Yes! The presentation/class should be done in the client's home and the cost is $25 per person. This includes food and my time.
Do you work with clients with highly specialized diets? ie diebetics, renal patients, etc..
Yes. However, I highly recommend that I speak with their doctor or dietician before proceeding with a menu proposal.