About Dan Yacowitz
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How long have you been a chef?
Since 1998.

When did you first discover your affinity for cooking?
After watching a lot of cooking shows (Yan Can Cook, Julia Child, Frugal Gourmet) when I was between 11-13 years old.

What is your educational background?
1995-Simon's Rock of Bard College www.simons-rock.edu
1997-1998 Culinary Institute of America www.ciachef.edu

When did you start your business?
October 2000

Where do you shop for your food and supplies?
Dearborne Farms
Sickles Market
Little Silver Seafood Market
Belford Seafood CO-Op
Asian Food Center (Middletown)

What are some of your career highlights?
Sophia Coppola/ Spike Jonze Wedding (Paula Le Duc Fine Catering 1999)
Cooking Segments on Eyewitness News and Live! With Regis and Kathy Lee (1994)
Working weekends as a private chef at a kosher house in Deal (2003)

Cooked all meals for my family throughout high school
Worked in wine shop in Emeryville, California
Menus: Personal
PC menus are based upon the food questionnaire that the client fills out at our initial interview. The clients list what they will and will not eat, what cuisines they prefer, or any special dietary needs they have. They sign a service contract for a minimum of 1 month's worth (4) cooking. I draft a menu, email it to them, and await acceptance or changes to menu up until 2 days before the cooking date. Any type of menu or diet may be requested. I will work with your dietician if need be. Price adjustments will be made according to the specificity of the diet/ingredients. When I come to cook, I arrive between 10-11 am, prep the ingredients, cook with my own equipment, clean, package the meals in vacuum sealed-bags (unless it's a casserole), and leave reheating instructions. All the client must do is follow the instructions and reheat their meals without further cooking. The fish/seafood meals are not packaged and must be eaten fresh, no more than 2 days after preparation at the latest.

This service is perfect for New Parents! I have cooked temporarily for couples with newborns, and know that if anyone needs help with making dinner, it's new parents! The requirements are: Sign up for a minimum of 3 months in order to qualify for a discounted rate of $25 off whatever package they purchase (be it for 2, 3, or 4 people in the household).

Please Note: Payment is required 1 week prior to cooking date, and cancellations or rearranged services must be provided to me 2 weeks prior.
Menus: Catering
Catering menus can either be selected from my list of buffet/seated dinner menus, or specific, custom-tailored menus may be requested. Prices are based upon structure of menu and per person rate (which includes all food costs and staffing costs). I need notification of an event you wish to have no less than 2 weeks prior. A $200 deposit is required after the 1-time service contract is signed. Some of the cooking will be done at my prep kitchen, but some reheating/prep will need to be done at your establishment. You, as the host, are required to provide alcohol (if served) a clean workspace in kitchen, an empty dishwasher, all plates, bowls, cups and utensils. We will do the cleanup. The balance of the per-person fee will be settled after the event.